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Be kind, be loving and be thoughtful – not only to others, but also to yourself.

It is well known that in life some of the harshest judgements and criticism comes from within. Be mindful with your thoughts, lovingly acknowledge those feelings when you’re at your edge and be grateful for what the journey has revealed to you thus far.

Alana – Owner Insync Yoga


A combination of static postures, to keep the spine healthy and build strength in your joints, and light/moderate movements for boosting core strength and flexibility.
This class leaves you feeling cleansed, strong and vibrant!

60 mins, Warm Room (30 deg.)
Suitable for all levels.


An aerobic style yoga class that’s great for a short sharp cardio blast to tighten and tone your body whilst building strength.
Using a combination of body weight and light hand weights, this class will definitely get your heart pumping!

45 mins, Warm Room (30 deg.)
Suitable for all levels.


A truly powerful and uplifting experience full of flowing posture sequences and meditative breath work. Build body strength and boost your immune system. Raise your heart rate and sweat out the junk. Learn how to really breathe, raise your vibration and balance out your mind.

60 mins, Warm Room (30 deg.)
Suitable for all levels.


A beginners class with action and intention. Learn foundation postures, improved breathing techniques, and lightly challenge yourself to the understand the benefits of just how good your body can feel.

60 mins, Warm Room (30 deg.)
Suitable for all levels.


At Insync Yoga we understand how important healthy minds are for our youth. Our Happy Heads Mindfulness Yoga classes are available for education facilities to help and encourage children and young teenagers to breathe, focus their minds and experience physical movement.

Our classes are run on your premises and provide a safe environment where students feel encouraged and supported to move and express themselves.

If you feel that your current curriculum would benefit from these classes, please get in touch with us directly to find out more and discuss your requirements.


What Is Insync Yoga?

At Insync Yoga we focus on movement of the body to encourage strength and flexibility, stilling and focusing of the mind to improve concentration, and effective breathwork to calm and relax the nervous system.

How Hot Is Insync Yoga?

Our studio is heated to a warm and balmy 30 deg. for our classes. This allows you to move with ease and reduces the potential of injuries through stressed muscles.

Is Insync Yoga A Cardio Workout?

All of our classes will elevate your heart rate at some point during the sequence however, our Power45 class is particularly aimed at increasing cardio fitness through a quick 45mins strength and aerobic workout.

What Should I Bring?

Essential items include a yoga mat, two towels (one for your mat and one to wipe you down), water bottle to rehydrate and a positive and can-do attitude!

What Should I Wear?

Comfortable and practical clothing to allow your body to move freely and easily. Any form of active wear is appropriate for yoga – leggings/yoga tights, medium support bra/crop top, t-shirt or singlet. For the chillier months we suggest a lightweight long sleeve sweatshirt to wear for the beginning of class until your body warms up.

How Long Are Insync Yoga Classes?

The majority of our classes are 6o minutes with the exception of Power 45 (45 minutes). Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the start of class time so you can check-in, find a spot in the room and prepare for the class.

Insync Yoga Facilities

The studio has a secure place to leave your valuables during your class, access to private toilet facilities and a superb coffee shop downstairs!

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 3 Classes per Day plus Evening Workshops
Saturday: 7.30am Class Only
Sunday: Closed


Waterways Shopping Village
Cnr of Karbunya St &
Sunshine Blvd

Mermaid Waters QLD 4218
[ above the pool shop ]

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